6 Ways To Safely Play Trivia During A Pandemic

1) Virtual Game Shows

Virtual game shows are just like the ones on TV, except the viewers get to win, too!

Watch and win live from the comfort of your own home every Thursday night at 8:30pm CT on cerritoentertainment.com, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or Twitter.

November 2020’s game show is Whose Fridge Is It Anyway? featuring Thanksgiving dinner for four from Cash Saver as the grand prize.

2) On the Radio

Listen for the cue to call every Thursday morning around 10:25am CT for your chance to choose your own trivia as a contestant during Righter Than Wright Trivia live on 92.9 ESPN’s Geoff Calkins Show.

3) In Your Car at the Drive-In

Play themed trivia from your car starting at 6pm CST every Saturday in November at the Malco Summer Drive-In.

4) Outside on Rec Room’s Front Lawn

Every Wednesday night in November, play socially distant, in-person General Knowledge Trivia outside on Rec Room's new front lawn.

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November 11, 2020
  • Masks are required

  • 7pm start

  • Free to play

  • 18+ only

  • Bring your own writing utensil

  • Arrive early to get a spot next to a fire pit

5) Patron-Only Virtual Trivia Battle Royals

Patrons of Cerrito Entertainment get exclusive access to our Trivia Battle Royals on Zoom. This month it’s ‘The Office' Battle Royal immediately followed by a General Knowledge Trivia Battle Royal on Tuesday, November 17.

6) Cerrito Trivia: The Home Game

Cerrito Trivia: The Home Game is emailed monthly to patrons and features multiple rounds of questions for you to play with your friends and family whenever you want.

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